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Q-500 Info
 Message Processing . 
 Quios Messaging Gateway 
  One World One Number 

  Message Processing

Quios provides its customers with a robust system for delivery of SMS messages to over 450 networks worldwide. Quios' unique global SMS gateway allows you to easily manage your SMS needs, report on SMS usage, and reach a global marketplace.

The Quios platform accepts messages from your servers using a variety of well-established protocols, including XML, SOAP, SMTP, and SMPP. For added security, you can connect using industry-standard SSL security.

Received messages are queued for delivery according to various criteria, including message urgency, price, type (text, ringtone, icon), and performance options. The Quios routing system then finds the best path from our network to the recipient's mobile phone. The system makes a "best path" determination based upon your criteria.

If you require delivery notification, you have a variety of notification options.

  Message Processing Graphic

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