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Q-500 offers a range of supported features. Each Q-500 product supports most, if not all, of the following:

Customisable Sender ID
Allows you to tailor the sender's identity from random numbers to alphanumeric e.g. QUIOS instead of +44894837485.

Ringtones, Logos and Pictures
Allows you to send ringtones, logos and pictures.

Allows you send a message that appears on the handset display immediately.

Message Sizing
Allows you to supply 7-bit messages of any arbitrary length (up to 4000 characters) which will be broken up to the appropriate size for the destination network.

Multi-byte Character Support
Allows you to send character sets that includes multi-byte characters. Presently Quios supports GSM 03.38 & UCS2.

Allows you to block an individual telephone number, telephone number ranges, carriers, and/or countries.

Full receipting
Allows you to fully track your messages.

MIS Reporting
Allows you to track your SMS service with a full service tracking and management system available online.

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